Book of Love.

Hi yes, it is valentine’s day and herein lies an obligatory sappy post about love. sorry. but also i’ve mentioned before that when i feel “cheesy”, this is often when I am at my more authentic self. so, this is one of those moments. i haven’t written many love poems, but i wrote this one a while ago and recently gave it to my husband for valentine’s day.

there are not many metaphors more appropriate to describe our relationship than a book. we danced to Peter Gabriel’s version of “The Book of Love” at our wedding, we both love to read…i mean the poem just writes itself, right? this particular one happened while sitting across the table from him at a coffee shop. we had just been to our favorite used bookstore and had piles of used books around us. and i got to thinking about how the life of a book is written on its spine. how many times it’s been opened and closed. and how the experience of opening up a brand new book and the experience of opening up a book that has been read over and over again are both delightful, but in different ways.  as it is the evolution of relationships.

and you know what they say, the more alexes in your life…the more fun it is. so here’s to double the alex and double the fun.

anyways, happy valentine’s day.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.16.52 PM


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