“Keep Going”

Today’s the last day of National Poetry Month and Justin Timberlake memes abound in anticipation of May.

As a farewell to a month of intentionally writing and reading more poems (though I hope this discipline will not stop with April’s end), here is one I wrote about poetry itself.

Poetry has served many functions for me. One of its more profound uses has been as a conduit for grief, and therefore, healing.

I have found it true over and over again that to embrace grief, to walk hand in hand with it for a time, is part of that path to healing. Poetry creates space to sit intentionally in those uncomfortable emotions. It thrives in them. It breathes and comes to life in the moments when we are close to our sorrows and our joys.

The path to healing often comes with more pain, which is why it is so seldom tread.

Poetry pushes my feet forward and says, “Keep going.”

Thank you for reading, friends.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 6.05.06 PM


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